Choose Joy. Find Ease. Keep it Simple.

Wellness support for busy families.

Let's Thrive!


With over 15 years of teaching and leadership experience, Pleasance works with clients seeking support on a variety of topics including wellness for individuals or families and entrepreneurship.


Ready to make a change?  This 8-week online course offers a holistic, simple, and effective approach to wellness.  Looking for a crash course in wellness?  ThriveLive half-day retreats coming soon.


More than just breathwork and movement, Yoga for Women is a 10-week course designed to nourish and support the busy woman.

Emily Goodstein

“Reading Delight is an inspiring experience for anyone ready to make sustainable, long term changes in their daily life. Silicki taught me how to live with less stress and more ease and I thank her daily for that gift.“ – Emily Goodstein, photographer, activist , digital strategist


“Thank you again of organizing yesterday. It was lovely. I enjoyed taking the day to just try and stop and reflect. I loved loved the giving within your values – alignment – that is such a wonderful way of visualizing and strong guide in how to make your decisions about your time/money/energy.”- MOD


“I’ve always found the teachings of yoga to be a little, well, just not for me. Or at least until I met Pleasance and read her writings. She makes the concepts feel relevant and approachable to those new to yoga and experienced practitioners alike. The overworked, overstressed, overcommitted can all learn from her concepts and apply them to reach a calmer, more balanced life.” – Hillary Berman, Owner Popcorn and Ice Cream


“Pleasance always opens my eyes to new ways of slowing down and living better — ‘Delight’ is the perfect book if you’re feeling busy, stressed out or overwhelmed.” — Kimberly Palmer, author of “Smart Mom, Rich Mom: How to Build Wealth While Raising a Family.”


“Pleasance is raw, real, and right on. She has a way of making you notice your humanness and feel empowered by it. The journey is in the work, and this book will guide anybody ready to dive into their heart.” – Sarah Waxman, Founder of At the Well


“Pleasance offers a strong and clear message about living our best lives, in mind and body and spirit. She is an inspiration for all ages!”- Iris Krasnow, American University professor and bestselling author of “Surrendering to Yourself”