Welcome. At lil omm, it is our mission to engage, inspire and connect us all through yoga and wellness.  We are a community that delights in supporting each other's journey towards wellness.  

Thrive and delight with us through workshops, retreats, online courses, and more.

All are invited to enjoy a lil omm life.  A robust life with intention and purpose, well being practices, rituals, and routines that allow us to have fun, engage, and inspire each other, our families, and our communities.


Why lil omm?


  • “Reading Delight is an inspiring experience for anyone ready to make sustainable, long term changes in their daily life. Silicki taught me how to live with less stress and more ease and I thank her daily for that gift.“ - Emily Goodstein, photographer, activist , digital strategist

  • I've always found the teachings of yoga to be a little, well, just not for me. Or at least until I met Pleasance and read her writings. She makes the concepts feel relevant and approachable to those new to yoga and experienced practitioners alike. The overworked, overstressed, overcommitted can all learn from her concepts and apply them to reach a calmer, more balanced life." - Hillary Berman, Owner Popcorn and Ice Cream


  • lil omm is a warm and welcoming place where you always feel like family. The positivity and peacefulness are palpable and ever present at lil omm. We love it! — GC

  • "Pleasance is raw, real, and right on. She has a way of making you notice your humanness and feel empowered by it. The journey is in the work, and this book will guide anybody ready to dive into their heart." - Sarah Waxman, Founder of At the Well

  • " I feel at peace, welcome, home. It's a beautiful community. Thank you for this gift."- JP

  • "A true gift. With tenderness and compassion, Delight provides accessible, approachable tools for the beginner and experienced seeker alike to welcome joy into their lives and embody grace and gratitude. If this book were a gesture, it would be a soft touch on the shoulder and a call to follow the soother's gaze upward." -Jessica Claire Haney, Founder & Publisher of MindfulHealthyLife.com
  • Pleasance always opens my eyes to new ways of slowing down and living better -- 'Delight' is the perfect book if you're feeling busy, stressed out or overwhelmed." -- Kimberly Palmer, author of "Smart Mom, Rich Mom: How to Build Wealth While Raising a Family."
  • “Pleasance offers a strong and clear message about living our best lives, in mind and body and spirit. She is an inspiration for all ages!”- Iris Krasnow, American University professor and bestselling author of "Surrendering to Yourself"
  • "Pleasance always opens my eyes to new ways of slowing down and living better -- 'Delight' is the perfect book if you're feeling busy, stressed out or overwhelmed." - Kimberly Palmer, author of "Smart Mom, Rich Mom: How to Build Wealth While Raising a Family."
  • "In Delight, Pleasance speaks to our hearts, from her own authentic experience and deep well of knowledge about yoga and life. A brilliant teacher, she gives readers the gift of concrete tools we can all use to make real and meaningful changes in how we live and interact with the world. I walked away with an increased awareness of my own thought patterns and a renewed commitment to the practices that bring more love, ease, and joy to my life."- Lori Mihalich-Levin, Founder of Mindful Return
  • "Thank you again of organizing yesterday. It was lovely. I enjoyed taking the day to just try and stop and reflect. I loved loved the giving within your values - alignment - that is such a wonderful way of visualizing and strong guide in how to make your decisions about your time/money/energy."- MOD
  • "I appreciate and admire your very being so unconditionally -- your big open heart, your wisdom, your contagious smile, all that radiates, your approach to life, your life's work and willingness to share it. Your vulnerability. I appreciate that you made a sacred space for us to be. Together with our little seeds. And with ourselves. And with other moms on this road. To continue growing."- JH
  • "I just wanted to tell you how exciting it is to see all the brilliant and creative things you are doing at Lil Omm! From the kids yoga conference, to the yoga retreat, to your own teaching in the area of meditation -- it is truly inspiring to see how your vision and values are shaping this wonderful, precious community. I know how much effort it takes to provide this kind of visionary leadership, so I wanted to tell you that I am cheering for you, even though I have not been able to come into the studio as often as I would like to tell you in person!" MG

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