Oh wow! This feels so scary to be revealing this to you all but it feels really important to me since you are on this journey with me and without you there is no lil omm so, here it goes.

Why am I telling you this? Because I have had so many shifts and changes the past few years, that it felt important to sit my butt down and map out to you what’s been in my head and on my journals. To give you a behind the scenes look at lil omm.

I also recorded this for you to help fill in some of the gaps.

Okay, so here goes. At this point, all of these fall under our “lil omm life” community.

Living a lil omm life means:

  • we are intentional with our days
  • we value our soul work
  • we see our whole lives
  • we feel all the feels.

1. A Podcast?!
One of the things I noticed the past 2 years of being on my own was that I was teaching a lot of the same things to a variety of groups. This felt super fun but I know that it won’t be sustainable to keep teaching this way. It does not really make sense to keep repeating myself. So, I spent the past 2 years blogging and vlogging when something came up that felt like it needed to be documented but I know now that to have the kind of impact and service that I want. I have to contain this, clean it up, clarify it and get it somewhere sustainable, thus the Podcast dream.

I want to create a podcast with all the teaching from Thrive, Delight and more. A podcast that is a place you can return to refresh your memory on what is the Enneagram? Or what is Ayurveda? Or how can we take yoga off the mat? I want to use the podcast platform to provide a home for these teachings, a gift to you and a gift for generations to come. I think it’s so cool that we have this technology that can outlive us and that can impact people around the world. My commitment as a teacher and a mentor is to help share and spread the love, so thus, a podcast in 2018. I’m thinking Summer/Fall so stay tuned. I’m in no rush, I just know this feels right.

2. Thrive and Thrive²
Most of my energy and time this year will be focused on Thrive and creating the Thrive² mentorship.

The Thrive course is really a community centered around the foundations of being “grounded” in our lives and the basic principles of well being like morning routines, the basics of planning, meditation and movement practices.

This year, I have decided to add a “Family Reunion Retreat” for Thrivers as my gift and while the format for the course might change this year, my intention is to love up on Thrivers as much as possible because these women show up to learn and have a desire to expand and connect. And, as this community grows, I want to deepen my commitment to them rather than spread myself too thin in too many areas.

To me, Thrivers are the heart of the lil omm life.

Thrive² will be offered just for Thrive alumni and will be way more woo and in depth, over a longer time of study. Thrive ² is not just grounded but rooted in life energy and flow. This will cover Ayurveda, Law of Attraction, Enneagram, Writing, Creativity and Wealth as tools for living in alignment, flow and intention. But, we cannot really move into these deeper practices until the basics are in motion and understood. I love how these connect and how powerful they are for students. I’m thrilled to be honing my energy, strength and zone of genius into teaching this year.

I’m considering a Thrive Alumni Alliance in the future but for now, I’m just focusing on Thrive and creating Thrive ² this year.

In the past, Thrive was really geared towards women who felt exhausted and overwhelmed but now I see it more as a community of women who want to wake up and live an intentional, awesome life with joy and ease! So, I have some work to do in this area as well, mapping out how this flows, how I invite people to join and then cultivating connections and community as we grow.

3. Delight
I’m working on getting my book, Delight in Print! I want to update it and get the print book ready to go by the 2nd Anniversary in April. I created the Delight Book Club talking points on FB and the Delight Practice Videos I still believe that so many of the best tools and teachings are in this book and so I want to continue to teach and share Delight!

4. Private Mentoring
The last focus for 2018 will be on my Private Mentoring Packages. These are for people who want to work 1×1 though all of the lil omm life principles and who want to have personal attention, private meetings and support. I have been doing this the past 2 years and am blown away by the changes and shifts people are making from leaving jobs and relationships that feel toxic, to releasing years of anxiety and overwhelm, to moving away from their inner critic and moving towards their inner mentor as a way of life. I mean, whoa big shifts and what a privilege to be part of this with them.

5. Self Care for Girls
This area of lil omm is really growing and my intention for 2018 is to collaborate with others on a training and help build Self Care for Girls Classes in other areas where women want to step up as leaders. Since I know I don’t have the bandwidth to do all of this, I’m finding women who can help with this mission. We will have classes, retreats, workshops and trainings in this area. I’m giving myself all year to really see how this unfolds. Right now I have a Self Care for Girls Class, a daylong retreat in May and then a big retreat in Maine in July.

What will have to wait…

I really want to write book #2, #3 and #4. Hehe! But, I think I truly have to move through some of these other projects before I can even see the time for it or map it out. I know the topic of book #2 will be around Energy, Cycles and Time Management. And #3 will be personal. I call it “Mindfully Manic.” So, I’m putting this on here because I’m excited about it all and have outlines but I’m realistic about how much I like to snuggle, nap, read, relax and I’m not willing to hustle or push for the books or lose any time with my kiddos. The time will come. I know I will write these books.

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