All of these are just advising us to think more holistically about our energy daily.

Can we start to think of how these elements play into our lives and learn how to take care of ourselves. If the energy is high, heavy and ethereal we want to find things that are low and can bring us into the body. If we are totally feeling the weight of the body, we want to add movement, connection and stimulate the energy to rise!

1. Too Much Kapha: you feel heavy, sluggish, slow lethargic.

Remedy: Go for a walk with a soul friend! Talk, move, breathe and lighten up that heaviness.

2. Too Much Pitta: You feel fiery, tense, tight, too many balls in the air, great at pushing through tension or stress for a result, lots of sweaty movement practice or intensity in relationships and communication.

Remedy: 2 good options here- go for a walk in nature alone and just breathe in the quiet. Take in some silence and go during a cool time of day (depending on the season) OR do some restorative yoga, some quiet yoga on your own, just breathing and moving in silence.

3. Too Much Vata: You feel anxious, overwhelmed, flaky, scattered, maybe even paralyzed on what to do next, lots of ideas, not a lot of follow through.

Remedy: Sit down on the earth or the lowest point of your house and breathe. Find stillness. Get rooted. Get grounded in your whole body breathing. Try touring the energy down into the body and out of the head. Here is a video I made to help.

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