Here is a collection of some of the books that have shaped, formed, challenged and molded me. I love these authors. I love these words. If I was stranded on an island. . . these are the books I would bring for health, wealth, learning and life.

Today, I’m celebrating my 39th birthday. I will eat, drink, laugh and just enjoy life as it is. I recently lost an old friend, and each year that passes, I recognize the privilege of aging. The gift of having 1 more year. No big plans to celebrate, in fact as I get older and soften into my more introverted side I find I need less and less external stimulations to experience pure, deep joy. This feels like the gift of a lifetime.

EVERY DAY I feel an enormous amount of gratitude (I know, I know . . . the word is played out but it’s the best way to really describe how I feel) for this community.

I recently had a Vedic Astrology Reading and he said things like, “to live your destiny, you need to be in a leadership role. You are a natural leader with a lot of sun/light energy that is healing. You are able to help people with development and success. This is your destiny. Continue to write, lead and teach others in their own development. This is where you will be most satisfied and how you can help others.”

My session with Brendan just reminded and grounded me in the truth of who I am. And while I am not for everyone, (if you are rolling your eyes at the idea of Vedic Astrology, you might want to unsubscribe) I know that my purpose is clear and I feel as if my motivation is stronger to help and heal as each year goes by.

I came across this earlier in the week and received this in my inbox today:

“I hope you know how much I (and my loved ones) have benefited from what you do. I frequently sing your praises to friends and tell them, ‘Pleasance is one of the best things that has happened to me in DC!’ You have an amazing ability to cut through the BS and help me remember what is REALLY important in life. What an amazing gift.” – RR

To all the women I work with or have worked with – YOU are inspiring and beautiful souls that add so much joy. Without YOU there would be no retreats, no Thrive, no Delight. So, please know how much you mean to me.

I have been living with freedom, flexibility and contribution as my Core Desired Feelings for the past year and now it’s shifting.

INTERESTINLGY enough, I’m actually going BACK to my original tag line for lil omm. . .

Each day I want to feel ENGAGED. INSPIRED. CONNECTED. In what I do for myself, the community, my family, and for growing our lil omm community.

What are your core desired feelings and how do they show up in your life?

To me this looks like. . .

• Breathing practices: The root/original meaning of inspire is to BREATHE into.

• Studying, writing and speaking: For me, engaging is being able to have and precess thoughts and share them out in the world!

• Creating gatherings and reaching out: Connection and conversations are an integral part of how I feel whole.

I am SO PROUD of this latest teaching video, here. Please watch and share and let me know what you think. How does it resonate with you?

I have shared this conversation a bunch. Did you listen? If not, please do. And stay until the end. Aging is a privilege. Remember that.

I can’t wait to see what the next 39 years bring! I hope to make it to 78! Saylor will be 48 and Milo will be 44. It is so fun and interesting to think that way. I’m off to journal as my 78 year old self and write about the life I have lived. . . Have you ever tried that? It’s such a powerful writing prompt!

Thank you for being in my life.


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