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Pleasance Silicki is an entrepreneur, coach, creator, teacher, author, and magic-maker. She is the founder of lil omm, a wellness and lifestyle movement that leads courses, workshops, and retreats using wisdom traditions and modern research to enhance our daily lives. Lil omm is a community of people who thrive to live well and nourish all the relationships in their lives. Pleasance’s life mission is to inspire communities and create meaningful connections through yoga, play, meditation, journaling, reflection, laughter, and honest conversations.

As a lifelong learner and community organizer, she follows her dreams and
passions while helping others along the way.

Pleasance has dedicated her life to service, wellness, and teaching. In middle school she founded the community service club. In high school she founded volunteer programs and a non-profit organization.  This was just the beginning.


Pleasance works in DC Public & Charter Schools as a teacher and administrator. She develops yoga programs for teachers, students, and parents. Along the way she develops her leadership, community building, and service skills by being active in many community organizations. She writes professionally about urban education and speaks at national conferences on topics in Early Childhood Education and Urban Settings.

Fall 2007

A pregnant Pleasance IMAGINES opening a family yoga studio specializing in prenatal and postnatal yoga.

Summer 2008

Pleasance is the co-founder of the DC Chapter of the Holistic Moms Network

March 27, 2010

lil omm moves to it’s own home! After teaching yoga to over 400 families yoga we find our first studio space in the Palisades, DC.

October 2011

lil omm moves its location to Tenleytown DC, a larger space in a more convenient area. The studio offers over 40 classes a week and serves yogis of all ages and stages.

December 2015

Pleasance decides to close the studio space after new landlords raise rents. Pleasance decides to keep lil omm going in new and different ways that are more sustainable for her life and for the community. lil omm had grown to over 40 classes a week, 4 part time employees, and 20+ Independent Contractors… not to mention the thousands of students who had walked through our doors. The studio was a VERY sacred and special place for the DC yoga community.

And today . . .

Pleasance creates the lil omm community for women. Online and in person classes, retreats and coaching programs designed to help women stress less while feeling more empowered and engaged in their lives. Pleasance mentors women on the journey from exhausted to empowered.

In 2017, She started supporting other women biz owners to grow and flow intentionally in their biz design, implementation and strategy. She uses holistic health coaching principles to encourage women to clarify life goals and vision. 

Spring 2007

After a tragedy at the Charter School where she was an administrator, Pleasance has a SHIFT in her work, her life, and her purpose. She experiences a life crisis that forces her to re-evaluate her life and forever changes the trajectory of her “life plan.”

March 10, 2008

Saylor Eloise Silicki is born, the true inspiration for all things lil omm.

Fall 2008

Pleasance starts teaching lil omm classes Lululemon Georgetown’s studio space. She teaches prenatal yoga, Itsy Bitsy yoga, and Playtime Yoga Flow all with a smiling baby Saylor by her side.

April 2011

Pleasance graduates from the School of Integrative Nutrition and becomes a Holistic Health Coach.

Summer 2012

Pleasance and friend Michelle Mitchell from YoKid DREAM up the idea to hold the first National Kids Yoga Conference for yoga and mindfulness professionals teaching children and teens. The conference is a HUGE success! And is now slated for it’s 3rd Annual Conference in the Fall of 2016

April 2016

Pleasance’s book, Delight: Eight Principles for Living with Joy and Ease is published. The eight principles of Delight provide a road map for contemplation and reflection. She encourages you to be curious about your life in order to bring genuine joy and ease to the forefront. She relates classical yoga teachings to daily life and shares her own personal stories of overcoming unhealthy habits, changing careers, and making difficult decisions – all of which have led to profound personal transformation and a freer, more mindful, more energetic, love-filled life.

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