Ayurveda 101

If you are . . . run down, achy, not feeling energized and have ongoing health issues but want to feel AWESOME in your body then learning Ayurveda will greatly increase your ability to have more vibrant vitality in everyday life. Ayurveda has helped me with digestion, mood, and cultivating a deep intuition in the areas of my life.

A lot of women in our community keep sharing with me the same issues and feelings:

  • Digestive issues.
  • Sleep issues.
  • Burnout issues.
  • Energy issues.
  • Feeling “manic” with energy in bursts and then crashes.
  • Overwhelmed.
  • Disconnected.
  • Lethargic.
  • Anxious.
  • Eating too much/eating too little.
  • Feeling frantic.
  • Scattered.
  • Distracted.
  • Virus after virus/ immune system is weak.
  • “Tried everything.”

Ayurveda is the “study of life” and unlocks potential in all areas but especially the physical and emotional bodies. I am no expert, just an enthusiastic student and practitioner.

Ayurveda is the “sister science” to Yoga and together they create limitless potential for the humans who engage and skillfully use the practices in their daily life. It is also called “Kitchen Science” because so many of the teachings on health come right from our daily spices, foods and our sacred kitchen.

Listen, I have NO idea why we did not grow up learning this stuff. It’s the foundation of optimal health and living. I’m on a mission to teach as many women (and families) as possible about the basics of Ayurveda so you can start to use this WISDOM in all areas of your life. Truly the gift of a lifetime!

Now, this is not a quick fix pill, its takes time to learn the basics and to apply them into your life, which is why this is a COURSE.

* Want a private Ayurvedic consultation for you and your family? Contact Pleasance, pleasance@lilomm.com.

Course Outline

We have a monthly live class held in Tenleytown, DC.

Weekly office hours will be held in our Facebook group, where you can ask questions and reflect on your practices.

Assignments, readings, practices and reflections will be assigned in the Facebook group and in our live classes. You can expect 45 to 60 minutes of reading, reflection and homework a week. But, since this course if FOR YOUR HEALTH, you can adjust as needed.

If you have to miss a live class, there will be an opportunity for a makeup session or to call in on Skype.


Course Outcomes

At the end of our time together, after months of reading, reflection and integration of basic Ayurveda rituals and routines, foods and herbs you will:

  • have your own relationship with this life science.
  • experience and experiment with a variety of tools and teachings.  
  • have enough basic information to use this ancient science and wisdom in your life, for the rest of your life.

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