I have put together a list of the questions I get the most about living a lil omm life. The list is a random mix of personal, private and professional questions and I know I LOVE when other teachers share this themselves so I thought it would be great to share with you!

1. What glitter eye shadow do you use? Glitter eye shadow from Ulta.

2. What is your smell? Ambre oil. I have been using this oil for 7 years! This is my “signature scent.” People everywhere ask about. I like all of the variations.

3. What are your favorite podcasts? Every week I listen to J. Brown Yoga, Untame Yourself, On Being, Being Boss, Tara Brach, Insights From the Edge, Real Talk Radio, The Yoga Healer Podcast, The Lively Show and then I have about 10 others that I download or check in on if they look inspiring but this list is my go to.

4. What are your favorite books? You can find my book list here. I’ll be updating this regularly.

5. And, that leads me to… How do you find time to listen and read? Well, 1. I don’t watch hardly any TV. So at night I listen and read. Or, while I cook, or while I walk the dog. Also, my #1 planning tip is to put it on the calendar! If you want to make time for more of something wonderful then put it on the calendar like it was a very important date with yourself (because it is!). I feel most alive and in flow when I am learning, expanding and connecting through learning and journaling, so I make time for this (I don’t “find” time).

6. What do you eat? I try to keep it super simple (thanks Ayurveda!) my digestion is way better when I eat intuitively based on the level of activity, energy and creativity that I am experiencing. I always start the day with Organifi Green Juice and then Coffee with Collage Proteins. Breakfast is usually warmed up apples with ghee and cottage cheese or oatmeal with cinnamon and maple syrup. Lunch is usually soup with veggies and desert. And, dinner is usually a little of what we make for family, meat or pasta or just veggies and sides. The kitchen is cleaned up by 7 pm and then I have wine, tea or warm water at night! For the past year, I’ve been eating more at my meals and not snacking to give my digestion a break which feels awesome and I have plenty of energy for my life, so that’s great. If you want to learn more about this study Ayurveda or Intuitive Eating there are lots of books, podcasts and articles about both! (Or, join Thrive where I teach you more about all of this!)

7. What vitamins and supplements do you take daily? I change my daily health supplements and supports up seasonally. Right now, I take Juice Plus and Potent Vitamin C and Mushroom Tincture. Once These bottles run out I will start taking the Doterra daily supplements and vitamins for the next cycle. If you want to learn more about any of these, email me at pleasance@lilomm.com.

8. What is your morning routine? Well, I teach all of this in Thrive but in general, I get up and do a few Ayurvedic rituals of tongue scraping and nasal oiling. I meditate for 5-10 minutes, drink my Organifi Green and my coffee and either write, take a walk, journal, hang out with the dog, stretch, breathe, plan my visions, dreams and goals, read something inspiring or learn and take notes.

9. Where do you practice yoga? Well, home. I’m finding it harder and harder to find classes and teachers that are aligned with my values, practice and teaching style. So, I’ve noticed that I mostly stay home and take classes from Erich Schiffmann online or just bring my yoga into all other areas of my life, not necessarily just physical (asana) practice. I also notice that 60-90 minutes is not really great for my hips or back so I prefer 10-20 minutes once or twice a day.

10. What does your meditation practice looks like? I meditate in a lot of ways. By walking, laying down, showering, washing dishes, sitting and rooting. Again, this is an area where I integrate a lot into daily life rather than beating myself up if I don’t do something in the super masculine, rigid way. I love to learn from the Shambhala Center. I also love to sit on the ground and meditate before I pick up the kids or in the car before I get them from school. I crave the stillness and the silence.

11. What do you do all day? HAHA! I love this question. So, everyday is in a flow. M, W, F are more admin, writing, deep work days and Tues/Thurs are more outward, teaching, students, clients, group days. I’m following creative flow and intuition more and more so I’ll be excited to see how this changes in 2018 but in general, 5-7am is me time, 7-9am is family time, 9-11am is clients, teaching and the most important things, 11-1 is meetings, phone conversations and a lunch break, 1-3 is a work block, 3-8 is family, 8-9 I relax, 9 is bed. This is my schedule 80% of the time.

12. What do you do for work? Another great question that I‘m not always good at answering. Lately, I‘ve been trying this on, “I’m a self care coach for women and girls!” What do you think?

13. What are your favorite essential Oils for emotional and physical health? See this!

14. Who are your favorite wellness practitioners in DC? I am constantly updating and adding more here.

Thanks for asking all of these great questions. I’d love to have more of a conversation about this with you in our upcoming Thrive session. Join here.

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