8 inspirations and ideas on getting enough rest…

One of the most common issues that people are coming to me with are around SLEEP! Either falling asleep (buzzing mind, racing thoughts) OR staying asleep (waking up to worry or having trouble falling back asleep) and these are both signs of vata imbalance. So, what can we do??

1. Use Essential Oils. Oils like Serenity, Lavender, Vetiver, Balance, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood can by applied at night on your feet when you go to bed or diffused in your room. You can learn more here. And order here. (My doterra.com/pleasancesilicki)

2. Relax & Accept. As much as you can, don’t stress about it when you wake up because that causes our system to go into AGH! mode which is not helpful for sleep. So, what CAN you do if you feel stressed? Keep reading…

3. Breathe. Deep breathing on your back and moving the breath through your body, may help. I like to do this with the souls of my feet together in this pose, if this is comfy for you, and breathe with relaxed and full breaths to calm the nervous system.

4. Put Your Legs Up The Bed/Wall. I know this sounds crazy but TRY IT! If you wake up just try to shimmy yourself so that your legs are up the side of the bed or the backboard. I actually do this every night before bed but I will do it if I wake up and can’t go back to sleep. Try to move around as little as possible if you wake up in the middle of the night and PLEASE, PLEASE do not go on your phone! But, if you can move into this restorative position it can be great.

5. Turn Electronics Off. And move them away from the bed by 8-9pm. Instead try taking a bath, reading, meditation, movement, journaling, sometimes I listen to a podcast- yep, electronics…

6. What do YOU do that works? Ask yourself if you know/remember what you have done in the past! Go back to what you know works.

7. Check Your Hormones. If this is VERY consistent over a long period then it might be time to look into hormones. Track your regular/daily life for 48 hours and let’s see if there are small changes or if you need more professional help in one area. *Email me to set up consult.

8. One Thing At A Time. Our sleep issues are a direct result of our insanely, distracted lifestyles. Please know this and with a little shifting and tuning many people have lots of success getting a higher quality of sleep and that is TRULY a gift. When we are making the shifts it can be a great idea to pause, breathe, relax and decide, “Okay, I’m going to try one thing this week to see if it makes an impact.” Try a protocol for a set amount of time where you are only changing one variable and see what you notice. Did anything change? Do you need to adjust what you’re experimenting with?

Here are some ideas to add in and see what you notice.. 1. Essential oils 2. More movement 3. Less water after 5 (if you get up and pee regularly!) 4. Restorative yoga/ meditation before bed. Take note as to what your “normal” sleep is right now, just jot down the past week. Then, add in 1-2 of these rituals/routines into your life. Let me know what you find out!

We dedicate a whole week to sleep on Thrive- you can learn more with us next time we start get on the waitlist here.

Wishing you all peaceful rest.

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