Do You Want To Live With Joy And Ease?

Do you feel overwhelmed by your life? Are you educated, passionate, and responsible but feel like you’re never doing enough? Do you hear yourself always saying yes to others and having no time for yourself? Do you go, go, go, and then burn out or get sick?

Inspired in part by Brené Brown’s book, Daring Greatly, and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, my e-book Delight: 8 Principles for Living with Ease and Joy offers yoga and meditation practices for stepping into your life with courage and authenticity.

Delight is a journey to your soul. An honest approach to a yoga practice that serves your life on and off the mat, without even touching your toes. This is a collection of Principles, which together can profoundly shift your experience with your relationships, thoughts, and actions.

You will discover:

  • How to live your life in a way that serves your soul.
  • How to let go of what you should be doing.
  • How to integrate mindful practices to enhance your life.
  • How to enjoy your life more and listen to your heart.
  • Practices that empower you to live a wholehearted life.
  • A lifelong system that you can use whenever you need inspiration, or guidance during a transition, or to increase your overall well-being.

This book is for anyone who wants to unlock the bigger questions in life, in a very short, direct and easily digestible way.

I am thrilled to be able to share all I have learned over the past 15 years of intense study in yoga, meditation, holistic health, and well being practices. These are all practices that have helped change my life to be one of wonder, energy, health, and joy AND to help me navigate the changes that have appeared on my journey.

Want to host a book talk at your home, community center, yoga studio, workplace, or even online?  I had a blast speaking at various studios and was even featured on Book Journeys Radio!

What are People Saying about Delight?

“It is always so grounding and insightful to learn with you. You are an amazing teacher and example of how we should cultivate authenticity and compassion for ourselves into our lives. I really enjoyed our weekend together and look forward to your book!”

- MF

“Pleasance brings a level of honesty and transparency that cuts through the crap and brings it right home to the simple and important concepts. Her accessible presentation is a gift for anyone interested in self care and well being.”

- J. Brown, Yoga Teacher, Writer, Podcaster, founder of Abhyasa Yoga Center in Brooklyn, NY

“Thank You Pleasance for this book, I couldn’t put it down. The tools are so helpful and to the point and the personal stories are so relatable. I love how it’s a guide not just a book, I intend to read and reference over and over again.“


“A true gift. With tenderness and compassion, Delight provides accessible, approachable tools for the beginner and experienced seeker alike to welcome joy into their lives and embody grace and gratitude. If this book were a gesture, it would be a soft touch on the shoulder and a call to follow the soother’s gaze upward.”

- Jessica Claire Haney, Founder & Publisher of

“Self-care and creating the relationship with yourself that you want are so important, but too often they remain general concepts that are hard, if not impossible, to implement — especially for more than a week or two. Delight: 8 Principles for Living with Joy & Ease is an incredibly refreshing turn towards the practical, everyday how-to. This gem of a book weaves together Silicki’s honest and openhearted personal experiences of the 8 principles with inspirational tools so you can find how to apply them in your own life. If you’re ready to stop overcomplicating your approach to your self-care and find the sustainable ways to apply it in your own life, this is the book for you!”

-Anna Guest-Jelley, Founder of Curvy Yoga

Delight: Eight Principles for Living with Joy and Ease

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