Yoga for Women 10-week Classes

Yoga for WomenThis all-levels course will cover simple postures and practices that will be specifically geared towards women of all ages and stages (prenatal and postnatal welcome).

We will focus on meditation & breathing practices that support and nourish our busy day-to-day lives. As women we tend to over extend ourselves and this class will be a true gift to your soul, to your connection, and a way to establish an awareness of your energy level.

This Fall we will be offering 2 options:

  • Tuesdays (September 13th – November 15th)- Sun Class: We will experience a little more energy, a little more movement, and a little more intensity, which is then balanced by the option 2, the Moon Class.
  • Thursdays (September 15th – November 17th)- Moon Class: A practice that is a little sweeter, a little softer, and a little slower.

You can sign up just for the Tuesday option, just for the Thursday option, or really give your body what it needs in a balanced way by signing up for both the Tuesday and Thursday classes. I believe this approach to movement is truly magical and also helps us prevent injury, move energy, and allow us to have sustainability in our practice by helping the body function optimally.

“Here we were, a group of women of all ages, choices, races and stages in life, who came together as strangers to talk frankly and to support one another in a non-judgmental way. That is what you have created at Lil Omm. I can’t tell you what a positive impact you and your wonderful space have had on my life.”



“For the past five months, Yoga for Women had been my weekly respite.  Every class nourishes my body – through new and delicious yoga poses, my mind – through fascinating lessons about the history and schools of thought about yoga, and my soul – through meditation and community.  This course gave me the tools to start my own home yoga practice, and I can’t say enough about Pleasance as a brilliant, kind, and inspiring teacher.”


founder, Mindful Return