I was sitting down to write my tips out for you on how to chill out from an Ayruveda perspective when the 80’s song “Cool It Now” came into my head. I LOVE this song.

But, this is the part that made me laugh out loud because it’s SO TRUE!

“Cool it now
You got to cool it now
Oh watch out
You’re gonna loose control
Cool it now
You got to slow it down
Slow it down”

First, let’s just talk about ways that Pitta (fire, heat, intensity) can build over the summer. This is what it may look like:
• Shorter fuse
• Yelling
• Easily angered, irritated, and frustrated
• Difficulty with communication in relationships
• Dried out digestive system (bloating, constipation OR diarrhea)
• Difficulty relaxing, sitting still or focusing on one thing

Here is what a HEALTHY Pitta looks like:
• Calm, cool and collected
• Living in flow with what happens that is out of our control
• Relaxed and at ease
• Knows when to get low and grounded and rooted because of anxiety, racing thoughts and living from the head
• PROACTIVE about cooling practices
• Shifts/changes gears when they feel the heat rising, knows how to down shift and cool off

Right now, people are hot and on fire inside and out. So, here are a few SIMPLE suggestions for you to get started with taking it down a notch.

1. PAY ATTENTION & Ask your body for guidance
First thing you need to be able to do is NOTICE when you feel over heated. Then, ASK your body about the basics. Have you been able to sleep well? Poop well? Are you feeding your body with healthy whole foods? (processed and fried foods create LOTS of heat in the body and digestive troubles, not to mention wine, beer and coffee) have you been drinking enough water for your body type?

Once you notice, you can choose something that will be of service to your body, mind, soul. Do you need to add more water? More sleep? More healthy foods? Do you need to TAKE A BREAK from coffee or wine or beer or sweets and then get curious about what happens?

Every season, I recommend having a care list close to you (by your bed or in your purse) that you can go to for seasonal appropriate care practices for your soul.

For Pitta season. . .
Nice, easy, cool morning walks. Take a break from your super heating movement practices, just for a little, please.
Grounded, relaxing restorative yoga OR meditation, deep breathing with an open mouth exhale. Even 10 minutes counts!

Have cucumbers, coconuts, cilantro, mint (anything!) these are all cooling foods in Ayurveda.

Use Peppermint essential oil or Rose water on your feet or just take a few deep breaths with a drop or 2 in your palms.

Cool showers and baths can help as well along with calming, peaceful mantras/affirmations like. . .
I feel calm and at peace.
I have all the time and space I need.
I live in abundance.

These simple statements can send the messages to your brain/body/system to CHILL OUT and relax. Again, 5-10 minutes COUNTS!

I have found myself laying down in my bed just breathing for a few minutes with one hand on my heart and one hand on my belly a lot this week.

I have been very tired the past week (a bunch of reasons why) and so I have been allowing myself to sleep in a bit longer than usual and take naps, when I’m totally wiped.

I encourage you to do the same. Listen to your body and do whatever you can to connect to yourself. It’s from THIS place of centered calm, that we vibrantly radiate health and energy to the world and to our families!

It’s going to be UP TO YOU to set some boundaries, pull some things off of your plate, make some dates with yourself for soul work/care and then follow through.


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