Delight Retreat

What Would It Feel Like To Live With Intention?

How would it feel to make time to rest, nourish, connect, and play a priority, if just for a weekend?

Have you been so busy that you have lost track of where you are going, what you are doing at your work, home or even feel disconnected with your own relationship to your self?

What if everything you did aligned with your values and purpose?

What if you weren’t always so busy doing this or that and made time to fall in love?

What if you experienced less struggle and more joy? What would it be like to know you’re capable of directing your life—and that you’re willing to step up and do this!

This fall, you are in for a treat.

If any of this resonates and you’re ready to dive into the materials from Delight you’re invited to apply to join me and other like-minded, open-hearted awesome women in the beautiful Virginia countryside as we explore the principles I outline in my book through movement, meditation, self-contemplation, discussion, writing, and art. The Delight Retreat is a weekend of rest, contemplation and inquiry into the areas of our lives that we neglect or are not able to make time for in our daily life; a weekend to walk in nature, tap into your intuition, and BREATHE deeply.

About Your Retreat Leader

Pleasance Silicki is an entrepreneur, coach, creator, teacher, author, and magic-maker. She is the founder of lil omm, a wellness and lifestyle movement that leads courses, workshops, and retreats using wisdom traditions and modern research to enhance the daily lives of women and their families.  Read more here.


When and Where

October 27 – Sunday October 29 at Meadowkirk Retreat in Middleburg, Va. Participants are encouraged to start arriving around 3pm on Friday to unpack and get comfortable. We will start on Friday evening and conclude after lunch on Sunday.

Who Is This Retreat For

This weekend is intended for women who are looking to take care of themselves.

Each retreat experience is special and unique in it’s own way. The season of your life and your own spiritual evolution are always a part of your own individual journey. ALL of our retreats are designed to inspire and uplift out community through reflections, conversations and relevant teachings.
The agenda and the workshops will be carefully crafted based on the registered participants.


Delight participants are:

*women who want to have quiet, rest and relaxation from the daily grind.

*women who are interested in growth, transformation and spirituality

*women who are tired of being exhausted or overwhelmed by life and who seek intentionality and purposeful living
*women who want to savor time in nature, in community and depend well being practices


You Will Leave This Retreat With…

Space to contemplate personal goals and mission, your meaning and your purpose, and how this relates to the activities of your daily life.

Experience of nourishing daily yoga and meditation practices for all levels that you can do at home.

The discovery and unleashing of your creativity through our playshops.

The comfort and support of women who share your mission for self-improvement.

A deep, whole sense of ease, calm, and replenishment.

What We’ll Do

  • Rest
  • Practice yoga and meditation for all levels, ages, and stages
  • Hike the beautiful rolling hills of the VA countryside
  • Dive into the 8 Principles of Delight.  (Upon registration, each participant will receive a free copy to help facilitate discussion).
  • Journal and Reflect
  • Connect with each other through discussions and delicious meals
  • Laugh, hug, and probably cry.

** NEW this year will be a Mindful/Intuitive Eating Workshop and lunch discussion on Saturday, with my friend, Alison Tepper.

Registration Information

Registration is by application only!  A very limited number of participants will be invited to attend this sacred retreat. Applications are currently closed but sign up for the waitlist here to be notified when they open back up.


Since the retreat I’ve changed. I’ve focused and I’m more intentional. I believe in me again which hasn’t happened in a long time. I’m confident.

Coming to Delight was the first crack of light I’ve seen and experience in a while. I had a relaxing, educational and just overall wonderful time at the retreat. Getting to know the incredible women who participated was something I’ll never forget. I learned so much and have been incorporating more mindfulness (like the box breathing), yoga and self- care activities (I even oil-pulled! It wasn’t gross!). I would love to do more yoga with you!


The Delight retreat provided a nurturing, supportive environment to dig in to the hard stuff on my own terms. Pleasance provided a beautiful space, physically and emotionally, to explore, examine, and most importantly, sit with where I had been and where I wanted to go in this one blessed life. The organization was perfect–a much-needed blend of structured workshops and quiet down time. Attending felt like a gift and I hope to be able to do it again each year!

(ALL activities are optional)

Friday Afternoon
Arrival/Settle in
Friday evening dinner
Opening Circle
Restorative Yoga and Meditation

Saturday Morning
Yoga & Meditation
Delight Workshop
Break – Lunch- Rest

Saturday Afternoon
Delight Workshop
Creative Playshop

Saturday Evening
Free Time

Sunday Morning
Yoga & Meditation
Delight Workshop

Sunday Afternoon
Closing Circle/Depart

Note: All Delight workshops will include breathing and relaxation practices along with inquiry questions. There will be time for rest and relaxation each day.

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