img_7797Oh my goodness, the sweetness! The pictures above are of me and Eli Cohen – he is my dear friend Michelle’s younger son and he came on my table to get an AromaTouch treatment. This was during one of our monthly playshops on how to apply and use oils with kiddos. What a sweetie! Aromatouch not only helps with all things connection, touch and health but also is a wonderful way to relax and experience the oils. Thank you Eli!

Okay, so here is the skinny- I LOVE essential oils and have used them for many years. I used one company for quite some time but after a while found some things that were not great for me with that brand. I became allergic to the oils AND they started to stain my clothes and the tops were getting sticky and discolored. I had a problem though because I had begun to learn about using them for holistic health and cleaning and mood and LOVED having them in my health tool box!

Eventually, one of my health coach buddies said- TRY doTERRA and I was like ” YUCK! Not another thing! I can’t handle it!” I was quite resistant and closed off to using another product or brand and to trying something new. A friend gifted me the BREATHE blend when my son Milo had his first full blow asthma attack. I rubbed a little on his chest, diluted with cocnut oil, and I diffused a bit in our home. I did not really notice anything but I loved oils enough to then buy a few of my own doTerra, plus I had to give my friend a new bottle of BREATHE that we had used!

You can kind of say the rest is history b/c I fell in love with the products. 5 years later, I use doTerra shamppoo, deodorant, toothpaste, handsoap, oils, throat drops, beadlets, supplments, etc. I am a total convert. I love how I feel when I use the products, I love how they smell and I love having contact with some of the ways that plants and flowers can heal us.

Here is what I notice on a very practical level…

  1. I truly enjoy using the oils in my life. I love feeling empowered by my choices and actions and by knowing that I am using non toxic products on my body and with my children.
  2. I love how the oils connect my family. I rub the oils on my kiddos feet and create blends for their diffusers. They love to smell new oils when I get them and to use oils with their friends when they come over. My daughter likes to create “spa time” with oils for her friends AND my son likes to rub oils on his friends feet.
  3. I love to use oils in the bath and so does my daughter. One of us is in the bath almost every night totally relaxing with epsom salts that have been soaked in my old essential oils bottles so that the salts are already fragrant and wonderful when we scoop them into the bath, about 1-2 cups. When I get out – I feel so relaxed and my whole body feels at ease. My muscles are not as tight or sore and I’m able to get right into bed for a good rest.
  4. I love LEARNING about using the oils. I love to learn and engage with my mentor and our oils enthusiast team to learn new ways to use oils, what works and what doesn’t and what oils are good for cleaning and for emotions and moods. I love the versatility and, since I’m a health nerd, I love that I get to explore and learn and that there is not just 1 way to interact with oils or use them in daily life.
  5. I find health benefits are quite noticeable for my own life and body. I still get sick, I still get colds and have low energy days like anyone else BUT I notice that the severity of the virus and the length is usually shorter. I notice that if I use the oils regularly and proactively, I don’t need to use them as much to react to something. Physically, when I use Digestzen or Peppermint, I notice a decrease of symptoms in just a few minutes.

So, if you want to get started, here is what I suggest…

Start the day- Citrus oil (wild orange, citrus bliss, grapefruit, lemon, lime) with 1 drop in your palm and 3 deep breaths.

Middle of the day- Diffuse Frankincense or Elevation or Past Tense or Whisper or Peace.

End of Day- Put a few drops of Deep Blue oil in the bath. Rub Serenity on your feet, diffuse Vetiver or Lavender or Roman Chamomile to help you rest.

Still not convinced that essential oils are for you? Take this survey from doTERRA. 

Here is an article that yoga teacher, Elena Brower wrote highlighting many of the things I love about doTerra.

You can learn more by joining my team of Oil Enthusiasts or by building a doTerra business mentorship.

You can place an order or learn more about using oils here-

Or email me and I can send you more info or have you over to try AromaTouch or smell the oils in person!

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