I am always so humbled, inspired and grateful whenever a student shares an experience or lifestyle change that they are proud of. This student has been with me through Thrive and the Thrive mentorship.

“So, I sometimes wonder about my progress in this journey called life. It often feels like two steps forward, one step back. Or, on a bad week, one step forward, two steps backward. Yet on a week like this one, I realize that I am indeed doing just fine.

I had been looking forward to this week for months. Literally, months. Paul was finally going to preschool and I was going to have 5 hours a week to myself. Space. Beautiful space. I planned a morning on Tuesday with a close friend who I have not had one on one time with for months. We were going to go for a very long walk and catch up. Movement and connection all in one, two of my huge goals for this time. And there was yoga. And some time to write. All beautiful and delicious.

Naturally, illness threw a wrench in all of these plans. In the past, this would lead to me being agitated and highly irritable. And as the days passed and the isolation of having two sick kids wore on me, I would sink into a deep depression. Yet my reaction to this week has been the complete opposite. I was disappointed the week didn’t turn out as I had envisioned, but that passed quickly. I then went into problem-solving mode, figuring out what had to happen and what had to shift to get everyone’s needs met. And pretty quickly after that, I began to feel gratitude. A ton of gratitude. Gratitude that both of my kids are likely to recover, gratitude that Paul doesn’t have mono, gratitude for Charles who never ceases to amaze me how he steps up when things get hard and how he is the most incredible partner I could ever have imagined, in every sense of the word, gratitude that I am at home and am able to take care of my kids when they get sick without worrying about my job, gratitude for good friends to have reached out and stepped up to support us. There are so many blessings in my life and this week has brought many of them into sharply clear focus.

And I need to thank you because I do believe every bit of the work I have done with you has led to this shift in perspective. I doubt you ever lack for understanding of just how much your teaching and your example has changed the lives of those around you. But just in case you need a reminder today, here is one. I am grateful for you, for your authenticity as you share your journey, for your wisdom and your teaching, and mostly for the light you bring to this world. It has made, and will continue to make, a huge difference in my life.” – AB

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