I just got back from a week away in CT visiting family. And, one of the FIRST things I always do when I get back is re-align my life, my practices and my work with my ACTUAL daily life. I LOVE checklists and charts as a way to get back in the flow of habits and to keep fresh ideas for my blocks of self-care time and for intentionality. So, again, being PROACTIVE with how I want to fill my days, my time, and my life!

So. . . here’s the quick and dirty on how to do this for yourself after a break in routine or habit.

1. Give yourself a little bit of time to just plan. Sit down and look at your week and month ahead and see if there are any BIG things that are coming up that need your attention. For example, I am teaching A LOT of retreats in May (Mother- Daughter, St. Columba’s Mother’s group, PAUSE, Thrive Alumni, Thrive Live Intensive). That means my energy, rest and practices need to be SUPER high in order to be able to hold space for others, plan and implement schedules for these retreats, have the supplies and props that I need and to be CLEAR, STRONG and PRESENT.

So, what tools do I have to help bring these energies? Well, I know I need to feed my body nutritious, delicious, nourishing foods. I know I need to make sure sleep happens every night for 7.5-8.5 hours, and I need to stay committed to my meditation, yoga and journaling practices to keep my mind, body and soul in alignment.

2. I can create my own WHY for committing to my practices. I can start to plug in the SPECIFIC things I want to do every day. Now, you can see at the top of the Soulful Habit Tracker I was using this week (I’m not tied to this one, I just had one extra copy of it so I used it! Sometimes I make my own charts or just make copies of something that has worked for me in the past. You can get this one here.)  that MY Core Desired Feelings for the month are freedom, flexibility, contribution and IN FLOW and I want these things to appear in my life, each day. So this helps me keep focused and on track with when I say no and when I say yes.

Is your life “CRAZY BUSY?”

Right now, my schedule is fully committed with clients and groups so I have to be VERY mindful of focus, energy and distractions. And, because I am committed to my incredible students and this community AND my family.. I have to honor being human, the hours in the day, and be realistic with what I’m able to do. So, that just means being SKILLFUL about my practices because I TRUST and know that they DO NOT lead me astray.

When I do the things on my habit tracker, I feel TOTALLY like my WHOLE, BEST self. I navigate challenges, issues and problems with more ease. I show up for the people I love the most and am totally present. I face my life, as it is.

And, this is magic. It FEELS good.

3. I put this baby in my kitchen, on the counter and check off as I go through the days. I might NOW actually TRACK the whole month, ONCE the thing becomes a regular old habit again! Many of these are for me, but I was trying to be clear and specific and give you all some ideas for how you can fill this out.

4. I encourage you to print or create one, fill it out, send to me and show me! I would love to see what you are adding in, what you are aspiring to commit to and how this process worked for you!

Hope it helps! Great to do this at the beginning of every season since that is when we typically need to shift our practices.

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