This question guides us to go within and see what’s happening around a specific topic, habit or part of our life. What we learn from this can give us insight into an area that we want to pay attention to OR an area we want to truly celebrate!

We might say to ourselves. . .
“How’s that working for me? Well, I’m doing/thinking/acting this way- and I notice this. . .”
Usually our awareness is then placed on an area where we can actually make a shift or a change towards what we want OR the response might be a celebration of “WOW! It’s working!”

Let’s explore. . .

So, let’s take a super simple example.

We have a backache or a shoulder tightness or a pain somewhere physically in the body.

We ask ourselves, “What have we been doing with our body that might be causing or inflaming this area? How is that working for me? Oh, maybe I should take a few days or weeks off and see if it feels better!”

Then what may happen is. . .

We discover new ways to move our bodies that don’t lead to pain.
Hmmm. . . that’s interesting. Maybe there are lots of ways to move our body? Lots of ways to eat our food. And, lots of ways to think our thoughts.

This type of questioning leads to deeper insights and to more interesting intuitive solutions that otherwise may have been blocked. Once we start doing this with SIMPLE things we can start to use that same way of thinking in our more complicated areas.

For example. . .

You get an invitation to a social event with a group of friends or family that you really struggle with but always say yes to being around.

“How’s that working for me? Well, not well. I think I might need a break from the regular social events. I notice that I am REALLY stressed out and have a bad attitude for hours after I see those people. Sometimes, even continue to feel that way the next day!”

And from there, we begin to strengthen our choices, feeling empowered and confident in how we are spending our time and energy.

So, how’s that working for you? Think of something on your mind and ask yourself this question- and then reply to let me know what you discover!

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