I was laughing at myself in the McDonald’s Drive Thru when Milo BEGGED for a Happy Meal and a milkshake, while I was drinking my green juice and eating his fries. Life is funny. We can be health advocates AND we can also let go of rules and stereotypes and just sometimes say yes to our kids and enJOY our lives as they are.

I drove away from Mcdonald’s smiling, feeling the sun on my face and feeling grateful that I found something to make my son smile and that it was so close, accessible and aware of all the privilege we have. I’m not going to beat myself up for this. I’m not going to judge my decision. I’m going to let my “inner mentor” guide me through this week. She is so much kinder and more loving than that “inner critic” who used to reside in my head.

Have you ever experienced that “inner critic”? The one who shames you and blames you for making “wrong” decisions?

The one who verbally harasses you whenever she can (You went to McDonalds?! What is wrong with you? That is not what a health coach does! You are going to get so fat! Don’t eat those fries!)

Yeah, she used to rule my life.

I started to think about how different my life and my thoughts are now and that by creating a LIFESTYLE that includes…

Theme/ Theory – Example from daily life
Nourishing self care – Practicing daily self massage (Abhyanga)
Devotion to sacred ordinary living – Bookending day with gratitude practice
Trust in the connection to natural rhythms and cycles – Charting moon and female cycles along with season shifts
Alignment before action – Meditation, movement and cultivating peace BEFORE emails
Mindful attention to thoughts  and patterns – Reflecting and watching daily thoughts and triggers as portals to soul
Clarifying intention, vision and purpose regularly – Writing in journals, taking time to plan, dream and clarify
Making space for joy EVERY DAY – Adding joy through books, music, friends, laughter INTENTIONALLY

I am able to truly embrace the mindset that freedom and ease are always available to me.

That even in an ER or an ambulance, I can practice deep breathing, apply my oils and I can slow it down. I can stay present in my life and I can manage my life and my responsibilities with grace. I trust myself to make decisions for our family and I allow myself to make mistakes as part of the experience.

And, I’m human. I forgot to do a bunch of things and I laughed and I cried. I felt the emotional exhaustion that sick kiddos can cause. And, when I did, I rested. We got in bed or on the couch. And it passed. I shared this quote and wrote this. I hope it resonates…

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