One of the paths to freedom, is by truly KNOWING who you are, how you are built, what your strengths and challenges are and then being able to skillfully navigate your life based on this information. What does that mean?

You inquire and investigate your thoughts, patterns, habits and actions in order to keep doing more of what you are doing that is WORKING or to help you shift, pivot or change something that is not working.  In my own personal exploration, the thing about this type of self study is that each season offers new perspectives. In reality, as I keep evolving, each new stage of life offers portals for study. One year I might realize or awaken to a habit in my marriage that repeats and is painful or where there is tension.. and the next season it might be something in my career/ biz. Now that the kids are older, I’m learning NEW things about my patterns and thoughts weekly in relation to parenting and raising kids.

Another BIG part to this “conscious living” stuff is that we are able to skillfully zoom OUT when our thoughts and our micro/daily life are so congested and feeling too TIGHT. We get trapped in our own thought patterns and start to focus on things that are truly not that important in the big picture. So, we use this self awareness to identify what is “common human experience,” which sometimes gives us a little breathing room. For example, my son is having a big tantrum b/c he is over tired and really hungry. I have learned how to step away from him, walk out the front door, stand on the steps and look at the trees. I breathe deeply, see the world and instantly feel more grounded and present with what is happening. From that state of expansion, softness and connection, I can then re enter our home, and hold his emotions without feeding his anger, overreacting or yelling. For us, this works quite well. When I go out and see the trees and feel the air, I remind myself to connect with all the moms, in all of time, all over the world who have been through this same scenario. I know they are out there.

This approach feels WAY better than my old way..which was more like this, Milo has a tired/ hungry tantrum and I start yelling at him to eat something, or I try to get him to sleep, or I would try to FIX and change his behavior but while I was doing that I was getting REALLY angry and frustrated. Then after yelling at him, maybe throwing something or slamming something, I would feel TERRIBLE. Like the worst mom, ever.  I was misaligned. I talk about this with other women as when we act one way but then later we have negative emotions with our behavior b/c it’s TRULY not how we WANT to act, it’s not the deepest most raw part of who we are. We would NEVER want to treat the people the way we do, or think or act the way we did. That discomfort after our actions is often an indication of mis aligned values and actions. It’s a clear sign that there’s a portal for some deep learning. When we respond aligned with who we are, the energy is really different.

When we approach the situations with the clarity of values and alignment, it feels light- clear- and in flow.

Self Awareness (defined) is the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, filings, motives and desires and is often talked about in connection with self realization, which is fulfillment of one’s own potential. There are ALL things I am interested in exploring, are you?

When we are in transition or stuck in our lives, either in our career or our relationships, it can be SO VERY HELPFUL to dive into these areas as a way to ask yourself. . .

  • What am I doing in my life that is working well?
  • What am I doing that needs some attention, some reflection?
  • What do I need to shift?
  • What patterns do I keep replicating?
  • What needs to stop and where can I put some thoughtful, aligned energy and INSPIRED action.

In yoga, our teachings remind us that Svyadhaya is a part of the gateway to enlightenment. . .

I like to think of these tools as the way to stop all of the suffering that I cause on myself and to help problem solve my own life.  I hope you keep this close so you can use as needed when you are at a cross roads or a tension and want to learn how to problem solve or gain deeper insights into your life.

*Please note- Personality tests ARE NOT MEANT TO PUT YOU IN A BOX! They are not meant to say “you are always like this or you MUST do this.” They are a way IN to the commonalities of humans and they provide a foundation of understanding BASICS of what we do and why we do. So, if you find yourself feeling RESISTANT to the idea of all this it’s probably part of your personality type! HA!


I put these all into the category that they will be the most helpful and have the most potential for impact. Many of these quizzes and tests have benefit in many of the categories but I just went ahead and put them in the one that I have used it for in my own life.

Relationship (self, parents, spouses, children)
16 personalities (based on Myers Briggs)
Enneagram or This Enneagram are my two favorites.

Money Type Quiz

Gretchen Rubin Quiz

Health & Lifestyle
Ayurvedic Dosha

Strengths Finder
Fascination Advantage
Via Character Study

General Information
Human By Design



Which of these do have you tried? What do you notice?

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