July is here and that means, mid year-review!

Here are a few questions to journal or contemplate as we approach the 2nd half of 2017. So, grab your journal or a friend and write/map these out!

1. What is your Word of the Year? Did you reflect on it over the year so far? Do you need or want to change it? How is it showing up in your life?

2. What were your goals at the beginning of this year?

3. Are your goals the same or have things changed?

3. Is there something you’ve been doing lately, like a writing project, a business project, or any kind of project/commitment that’s not feeling “right” anymore? Do you need to keep doing it? What would happen if you just stopped?

4. What’s something you are sick of hearing yourself say over and over? For example, “I really need/want to start…”, “I really need/want to stop…”, “Seriously, for real, this week I will…” I want to hear what these are!

5. What’s something you definitely want to create, achieve, or experience before the end of this year?

6. Who is someone that has been an important part of your life this year?
An amazing friend, mentor, or colleague? Have you said “thank you” to that person recently?

7. “So far this year, one of the best decisions I made was _______.”

8. “So far this year, I feel proud of myself because _______.”

9. “I am so excited for__________.”

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