Mom’s Up Course

Are you busy, always on the move with a packed family schedule and low energy?

Everything you do you do for your family.

Are you runing on auto-pilot, feeling busy but bored and uninspired?

If you wonder what happened to the real you- the confident woman who knew herself and who loved her life, then this course is for you!

Imagine if you woke up feeling curious and excited about what the day would bring?

What is you felt lighter and energized in your daily life? What if your choices as a mother were met with confidence, self-forgivness, and self-love?

What would it feel like to start not only loving life again, but loving every step of your joyful motherhood journey?

Mom’s UP! is an online community experience designed to help busy D.C. area moms transform their auto-pilot, hamsterwheel daily/weekly/monthly grinds into lighter and more joyful motherhoods.

What you will learn:

A series of simple, practicle take-home relaxation tools and techniques.

Stategies and inspiration to live motherhood with intention.

Skills to create more quality connections with yourself and those you love.

Effective boundary defining and boundary honoring strategies.

Life-long membership to a supportive community of like-minded moms who are honest, real, and there to hold your hand.

How it will help you:

You will be able to clearly define your boundaries will gaining back energy and vitality!

You will regain your sense of play and form a creative drive while staying authentic and confident in your self as a mother, woman, and human being. 

You will learn to maintain more balanced, conscious, and mindful living habits.

How it works:

The Mom’s UP! journey beings with a 4-week online program designed to help take moms from where they are today to a lighter, more joyful and intentional motherhood experience.

The journey will support you through weekly online audio/video workshops, coaching calls, and a lifelong membership to a supportive community of like-minded and warm-hearted mothers.

You’re ready for a 4 week course co-hosted by mothers and coaches Pleasance Silicki and Alexandra Hughes designd for moms of all ages and in all stages to step UP! into self-love, balance, trust, strength, and creativity. 

Step UP!

The 4 Week Online Spring Course Starts March 3rd, 2017

More Details and Registration

Moms UP! made me more aware of certain imbalances and has made me feel so much more energized!

This is a way to find space for yourself and to process what becoming a mom has been like, and what you want it to be in the future!


More Details and Registration

Next course starts March 3rd

Step UP!

Like most moms I had a hard time putting myself first… 

and allowing the burden of daily life with kids fall to someone else so I could have a break. MomsUp affirmed how very important it is to do so!

Go! Sign up! You won’t ever regret taking the time for self-care, to recharge and get back to who you are as a PERSON, to then allow you to be a better mother, partner, human. It’s important for mother’s and the sooner you build this time into your life the happier you will be. I’d recommend it to any mom who wants to recharge and connect with like-hearted women.