Mom’s Up Retreat

October 27-29, 2017 @ Meadowkirk in Middleburg, VA

It’s not just a weekend retreat full of nourishing practices for your body and mind– it’s an investment in your motherhood experience, in your family relationships, in your health and well-being, and in your quality of life.

  • If you feel low on energy and run down
  • If you are on auto-pilot – busy, yet bored and uninspired
  • If you wonder what happened to the real you – that confident woman who knew herself and who loved her life
  • Or if you wonder where the joy is..

You’re ready for an weekend intensive co-hosted by mothers and coaches Pleasance Silicki and Alexandra Hughes designed for moms of all ages and in all stages to step UP! into self-love, balance, trust, strength, and creativity.

More Details & the Mom's Up! story

Registration Opens in Spring 2017 With Only 12 Spots Available!

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