We have all been there.

We look at the to do list, it’s too long.

We look at our schedule for the day, it’s too jammed.

The next few days look the same and we are WIPED OUT from staying up late last night ( and the night before)… when will this end?  We look around and wonder, ” WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?? WHY IS EVERYONE ELSE THRIVING and I can’t even breathe. I love my work and my family and my life, why do I feel so resentful and depleted and uninspired!”

Finding our own natural rhythms and flows TAKES SPACE and intention.

It’s of UTMOST importance these days to realized that most of us are being set up to fail and the job that never ends, the kids school demands, the expectations for being physically fit and healthy that we place on ourselves, not to mention being a “good” friend, wife, sister, daughter. YIKES.

Oaky- so when the Sh*it hits the fan.. here’s what you can do..

  1. STOP, BREATHE and WALK. In order to get a reset on your system, you need some space. you must get some perspective. I KNOW this is a hard step. SO simple, yet so hard. I often do this by grabbing the dog and going for a quick walk around the block. I need to get my mind off the crazy, never ending racing thoughts loop that it’s on. Walking and breathing even for 5 minutes will give you break from the computer and the lists and the todos enough to eventually be able to see what is ESSENTIAL and NON ESSENTIAL. This does not have to be longer than 10 minutes, really just a little walk can be magic.
  2. Grab your calendar. Take 10 minutes to look at the next 30 days. WHERE CAN YOU get back some of your time and energy. You can add something on the calendar JUST FOR YOU- an afternoon off, an overnight at a retreat center, take a full day from work.. CREATE SOME SPACE in your life to breathe. Sometimes, when we do this we feel better VERY quickly. Sometimes just knowing that a quiet afternoon with nothing to do is JUST around the corner, helps us be able to focus on what’s currently on the table. AND if you don’t see ANY space for this to happen….
  3. Time to Let GO of the non essentials. You might need to let go of some non essential appointments or commitments in order to find this time for yourself, that’s okay. Carving out space for yourself to BREATHE might mean that you have to let someone down.  I KNOW that can be hard, but it’s a practice. And when you are taking energetic control over your life, sometimes we have to put things on the “not now” list.
  4. PAY ATTENTION – My last tip for the CRAY CRAY times is to pay attention to how you are moving, thinking, eating and being. What I mean is.. sometimes we have VERY YANG ( high energy) times in our life, where we have to use our adrenaline to move us through a period of ACTION. HOWEVER, pay attention to the face that REALLY mammals thrive best when they live 80% REST AND DIGEST and 20 % Fight or FLIGHT. The problem is Most of us are living in the REVERSE of this- SO.. pay attention. Are there ways that you can add in some yin energy to the work you do, the way you move your body, or even just sitting down for 5 minutes to meditate or eat your meals. I know when I am in high stress mode, I OFTEN forget about the ways in which I CAN influence my softer more creative, slower energy and have that COMPLIMENT the big tasks on my plate, or the very busy few days ahead.So maybe it’s lighting a candle while finishing up those bills, popping into a hot bath with salts and oils WHILE reading the report that you have to edit, or talking the conference call on the headset while you walk in the woods. So sometimes we can’t take a total break BUT we can pay attention to and map out a few subtle ideas that can VERY POWERFULLY impact our energy just by being mindful about balancing out our energies.  I speak more about this HERE. 


I would love to hear from you- what practices do you use when your plate is full to help you have more joy and ease?!?!



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