What if Holiday Stress is a choice? What if all the frenzy and chaos surrounding the Holidays is just in our heads and that we can set intentions for the season based how we want to feel.

Ready to play?

What if you took an Ayurvedic approach to the upcoming Holiday season.

In Ayurveda, we are asked to look at the areas of our life, daily and to practice the habit of asking ourselves, “My dear, what do you need right now?”

In Ayurveda, we practice MOTHERING OURSELVES FIRST. And from there, we have a deeper more vast and authentic way of taking care of others. So cool, right?

Here is my challenge, if you accept:

1. Right now, today, plan 1 thing on the calendar for you, for joy. No outcomes, no why needed. JUST JOY. I like to label it JOY in the calendar and I like to have at least one of these a month.

2. Something on the calendar just for connection with FAMILY (could be micro family or macro). It could be to have 1 whole day free of plans to just BE and relax together. Your choice! It could be going to the botanical gardens or another holiday tradition. I like to label this CONNECTION or QT, basically to identify the feelings associated with it.

3. Plan 1 thing right now to do with/for someone else. This could be for a friend, a service project or a social event that you like/love. Again, here I might label this community, connection, service or contribution. Something that feels totally relevant to me.

NOW, as other invites come in, really look at your calendar, at your life and think IS THERE SPACE? How does this feel IN MY BODY to say YES.

And, if you can FEEL YES, then by all means, go and enjoy! And, if you feel NO, then with love and compassion you can express that your holiday commitments have already been mapped out and then, in your own words, you are experimenting with a less stressful holiday season, you are exploring ways to manage your own energy for a more sustainable 2018 or anything that you feel from the heart will share with this person why you are really taking time this year to pull back a bit.

Ask yourself is there room to breathe? Room to enjoy? Room to just BE?

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