In 2017, I started following the moon. Like REALLY. I started paying attention to what stage it was in daily. What was the astrology asking me to reflect on and was it a full expansive energetic moon or a quiet, new, dark moon.

I started integrating this into my work calendar and life, planning meetings and classes around these moon cycles.

At the same time, I have been studying Ayurveda all year and learning more about seasons and cycles. This all felt very connected and aligned, interesting and fun. I started to pay attention a bit more to my moods and my behaviors that were repeating. Then, I began to layer on my own female cycle. When did I start bleeding, how long did it last and was it around the full or new moon. For a long as I can remember, it was on the full moon. That was just my normal cycle.

I also noticed that every month, about a week before my cycle began, I wanted to do 2 things pretty consistently:

  1. Leave my husband.
  2. Quit my work.

About a week before my cycle would start to flow, I would feel pretty dark and heavy and question everything in life. Once I noticed this began to happen every month, I started telling my friend Anna, “Oh, I feel like running out of the front door and never coming back this week and I think my work with LO is stupid!” It must be time to relax, get into nature, rest more and feel the feelings. So step 1 was paying attention and noticing these habits that were happening every month, the same week of the month.

Then, I started studying (books, podcasts, articles) about the cycles of the moon that are in our bodies each month and how they reflect all this energetic flow.

So, I learned this:
*Please note, this is my interpretation- there is LOADS of info on this and this is just how I’m currently thinking about it and using it in my life as an experiment!

  • New Moon: Dark, Reflective, inward, yin, soft, sleepy, relaxed, calm, quiet, set intentions, REST
  • Waxing moon: Energy starts to build, good time to see the big picture, make a plan from the intentions, ENERGY rising and opening
  • Full moon: EXPAND, full expression, maybe restless sleep, stay up late, dance, move, stretch, all in!
  • Waning Moon: LET GO, deep work, assess, exhale, contraction starts

Okay, so once I started seeing this each month, I started attracting more information about how to actually link this with our own monthly cycles and I heard a few teachers suggest setting the intention to bleed on the new moon. I had never heard this, so I began studying this and the difference between being in rhythm with the moon on new or full.

Turns out that it’s thought that women who bleed on the full moon are sages, teachers, mentors, the healers and there are often big emotions involved. Of course. Duh! Is what I thought when I read that. It’s so simple but I had never thought of it before.

Then, they suggested that if you wanted to have a more harmonious, cycle with ease and less drama to set the intention to move your flow to the new moon. To be honest, I thought this was insane. I really did not understand how on earth to do this but the why started to make a lot more sense to me. I’m a questioner type so I always have to know the why. It’s the only way I am motivated to make changes .

Okay, so in my “it’s possible” mindset I decided to just try and see what happens so over the summer, I started to set the intention to shift my flow and my cycles in tune with the moon.

I did this by:

  1. Watching the moon and my cycle/moods each week.
  2. Living more in alignment with the actual cycles of the moon and what it was encouraging me to do in my own daily life (expand or contract).
  3. Pay attention to my foods, more intuitive eating.
  4. More intuitive movement and aligning my movement practices with exercise and going with my body instead of against it.

Oh and, meditate and relax a lot more. Sometimes mediation looks like lying in bed and breathing. Sometimes just washing my hands or taking a shower and feeling all the warm and the water. I also spent a lot of time digesting emotions and feelings so they could move through the body so that my energy channels and my own body was more of a scared space to live and feel strong daily and that there was space for real life, real time connections rather than being full of the past, the trauma, etc. I have spent a lot of time healing and this year, I can really feel the lightness in my body because much of that pain and trauma and suffering has lifted.

*Email me if you want some tools for digestion of emotions and healing emotional suffering and trauma.

But, I do think this energetic clearing that I have been doing contributed to my ability to tune in to the moon pretty quickly.

So, by August/September, my cycle had shifted about 7-10 days. By October, 2 weeks. And, by November, I was now much closer to the new moon cycle for bleeding, just a few days away.

In less than half a year, I was able to set the intention to live more in rhythm and flow in nature in all areas of my life and now I can say, I’m truly in awe of what was possible and now, the best part HOW IT FEELS.

Here is what I noticed, for me:

  • Full moon cycle meant: Big Cramps, full on moodiness and frustration in many areas, feeling “crazy”, feeling FULL, literally, my belly would SWELL.
  • New moon cycle meant: Barely any physical pain at all, no extreme cramps or mood swings! I did not want to hurt anyone or leave my work at all the past few months! Much more ease on the cycle, not as dramatic or expensive, more like a gentle reminder rather than a screaming, less intense flow.

One other thing I noticed is that in the past I would always get really tired on the 1-2 day of my cycle and have to take a nap or sleep in, now, because I’m living more in tune with nature and with ease, I am finding there is not such a big sense of exhaustion. My body is not fighting nature or having tension with it.
It’ just in harmony. And, so I have more energy, consistently rather than highs and lows.
I also do not workout on the 1-2 day of my cycle and that has been awesome as well. I use those as rest days, I walk. I do relaxing yoga and then when I get back to my workouts I find this incredible inner strength and joy with the workouts. It’s so cool.

So, that’s my big shift in 2017. It’s beyond very powerful.

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