I meet a lot of women who feel disconnected from their own natural harmony and rhythms. It’s not their fault. We live in a world where this kind of paying attention to mother nature has not been valued or transmitted from family to family or in our schools.
But, the wisdom is rising.
More and more I see people waking up to this incredible knowledge,
I’m going to give you this super simple way to start a relationship with tracking the moon.


First the why:

We track the moons so that we can pay attention to the energetic and physical patterns and habits that are happening in us, each cycle.
I’m not talking about menstrual cycle or anything that is specially for females. I’m talking all living things and how we all respond and reflect moon energies and moon cycles.
There is wisdom that we can’t even imagine that lies within the harmony of the Universe.
You don’t have to “believe” it.
You don’t have to “see” it.
I want you to feel it and then make your own decision. I want you to start to notice and then have your own experience.
For all of time, humans have paid attention to the moon for work, food, sleep, energy and wellness.
As society has evolved away from body intelligence and intuition as a guide for our lives and moved more towards only cerebral intelligence, we have lost touch with the power that is right in front of us each day.

I’m going to break this down to be super simple, just to give you a place to start. I do not want to overwhelm you.

Your challenge, if you choose to accept:

  1. Print a copy of the moon cycles for 2018. This one is super simple, it might also already be marked in your calendar! Just check and see. I want you to ONLY focus on the NEW and the FULL moon in each month/cycle.
  2. Start to pay attention to sleep habits, energy levels, hunger ranges, moods and emotions 24-48 hours before/after the Full or New Moon. Jot all of your thoughts with dates in your journal. I have a specific moon journal that just holds all of this information. But, you can also put it in notes on your iPhone, use another app or journal that you have. I believe in the pen to paper brain science for imprinting, learning and remembering so that’s why I prefer to write in a journal.
  3. That is it! I just want you to pay attention and note that this is happening in a cycle, all the time.
  4. For extra bonus points, without saying anything, watch your kids, family and coworkers at the same time and see what you notice about them!

Typical Full Moon:
Big emotions, expansion, fiery, full, restless, interrupted sleep, trouble falling or staying asleep, think dancing around a fire and yelling, releasing, burning things in the fire that you no longer need or that don’t serve you. This has a more communal feel. Yang.

Typical New Moon:
Quiet, soft, dark, gentle emotions, maybe weepy, isolated, lonely, sad, rest, reflect, journal, and set intentions for the upcoming cycle. This has a more individual feel. Yin.

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