Freedom from the frenzy.

Are you exhausted at the end of each day yet feel unfulfilled personally?

Maybe you are addicted to “busy” or too easily distracted from your goals– or maybe you need to clarify your goals.

Do you feel like you are hitting snooze each morning, over and over never quite feeling rested or refreshed? 

Do you crave more time and more energy?

Are you doing a great job of taking care of everyone else in your life, but find no time or energy to take care of you?

If you’ve been feeling a lack of passion, desire, or interest in your day to day life THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

Imagine if you could go from tired to thriving…  what would that look like?

From exhausted to empowered…  what would that feel like?

From stressed out to spacious… how would your life and relationships change?

Thrive is a holistic approach to wellness that covers foundations and practices that support an energetic, intentional, and joyful life.

Find out more about how I found Freedom from Frenzy here.

What You’ll Learn:

Best practices for long term wellness from the classical wisdom traditions to modern scientific research on wellness and health.

How to truly take really, really good care of yourself, for the rest of your life.

Strategies, tools and tips on how to navigate challenging schedules, changing relationships, and managing the overwhelm of daily life while also having fun and making time for creative, joyful activities.

How to identify the areas of your life that are not working and to make realistic, sustainable changes in your daily life.

How it Will Help You:

Set intentionality in all areas of your life.

Improve your health, mood, and relationships.

Develop strong, clear, and loving boundaries to give you the freedom, clarity, and space to go deeper within your own passions, relationships, and personal power.

Be accountable and feel supported by a tribe of women who have chosen to thrive.

Why it Works:

I have spent a lifetime creating communities (a school, a studio, a conference) while simultaneously learning and implementing strategies for me to have the best life I can and sharing what I know, learn, and do with my students and clients.  I believe we ALL can achieve this flow with simplicity, accountability, boundaries, support, and community. I know, because I have done it… multiple times.

Thrive is about creating intentionality in our schedules, our sleep, our self-care, and in all areas of our lives.  By doing this, clear, strong, and loving boundaries naturally arise and we have more space and freedom to go deeper within our own authentic work, relationships, and personal power.  This is where we start.

How it Works:

Each week you will receive written and recorded content explaining the week’s focus, plus access to numerous readings, documents, and videos to help support your learning.

Thrivers (current and alumni) are invited to a weekly live call to ask questions, share their experiences, and find support. Can’t make the live call? No problem! Submit your question in advance and I will speak to it on the call. Plus, all calls will be recorded and made available to those who cannot make the live call, who want to revisit the material, or who want to move at your own pace.

Additionally, you will have access to a private Mighty Bell support group to keep the discussion vibrant, inspiring, and supportive! Thrive alumni will have access to these supports for a lifetime!

After 8-weeks you will feel lighter, stronger, and more empowered to make choices that support your values and goals so that you can live well and thrive by practicing just a lil omm at home every day.

The course is $397 for the 8-week Thrive Course, payable online through Paypal. Please note, this is a non-refundable investment in yourself and the quality of your life. Registration is closed for our Winter session but join the waitlist to be notified of our Fall dates.

Yes, I want to feel empowered, strong and joyful!

The next session will start in Fall 2017.

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Course Outline:

Week 1: Planning (1/29)

Planning and taking the reigns for your life is the first step. Intentionality in our day-to-day life is the name of the game here. If you don’t plan it, it won’t happen. You will lose track of time, lose track of energy, lose track of your life. Intentional living is planning and is knowing what you want out of life and making it happen.   To support your planning, you’ll be given a Thrive Daily Planner!

Week 2: Good Night! (2/5)

Recognize the importance of a good night’s rest. This week we explore and implement evening rituals to help wind down and prepare us for another glorious day.

Week 3: And Good Morning! (2/12)

Starting off our morning with some scared practices is a way to set the intention for our day and our life. Providing a foundation for wellness and care for body, mind, and spirit as a daily practice can help strengthen your direction, sense of self, power, and clarity around your purpose.

Week 4: Movement (2/19)

Areas that do not move are a breeding ground for toxicity. We discover a variety of routines, exercises, and movements that not only have physical benefits and are fun, but can actually make us think more clearly and become better decision makers.

Week 5: Stillness (2/26)

We discover the key aspects and benefits of mindfulness and meditation practices. Stillness is a way for our minds to rest, for the crazy to settle, and to gain a bit of clarity into our inner world, our intuition. Unveiling the limitless possibilities for change, growth, awareness, and healing through quietude.

Week 6: Nourish (3/5)

This week is all about habits: creating new ones and letting go of ones that don’t help or serve us.  The overall approach is simple—ADD in the good stuff, let go of the bad. What makes this week super fun? Sharing recipes and meal plans!

Week 7: Journaling (3/12)

Journaling regularly can give you a new perspective in your life and about your life. Whether you are new to journaling or are an active writer, you will find inspiring prompts and fresh new ideas to get writing about your insights, ideas, growth, and challenges.

Week 8: Self-Care & Service (3/19)

My absolute favorite week! By taking amazing care of yourself you are better able to handle your life’s challenges with ease, to have less suffering, and to enjoy more meaningful connection—all which are essential to human happiness and thriving!

BONUS CONTENT!  Just added practices focusing around Creativity, Mindset, and Wealth to enhance your New Year.


Learn more about how Thrive can help you and meet some of the women that are already part of this strong community in this Thrive call.

Sounds Great!

The next Thrive session will be starting in Fall 2017.

Put Me On The Waitlist!

“I am LOVING Thrive.  I’ve been able to make real changes that feel lasting, and best of all, to really appreciate the importance of self-care.  I’m feeling less overwhelmed… I still find all the planning a bit daunting, and am slowly figuring out how to make it fun and comfortable.”


“Thrive took my existing rituals and shook them up. It introduced me to so many different ways to live with intention, dedication, and devotion, to all aspects of my life. It reminded me daily to engage and connect, to put down the screens, and look into the eyes of those I love. Head up, not down. It brought me together with like minded women, committed to change. Those are just a few of the benefits that Thrive added to my life.”

Summer Thriver

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“Before Thrive I had hopes and dreams for my self care practices but they were more in the distant future and in a very doubtful tone.  Now I believe that even small baby steps will help create achievement. I do not have to jump hurdles just slowly create new habits that will begin to pile up to make great things!  The seeds you help plant within our lives are truly invaluable. You give us the tools needed to plant the garden that is best for us, and send us off to nourish it ourselves knowing you are always there to check on it if need be. thank you so much for that <3."

Summer Thriver

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“Before Thrive I thought my self-care and wellness practices were secondary to my family’s needs and could be pushed aside ‘until I have time.’  After Thrive I believe I can take better care of my family when I take better care of myself”

Summer Thriver

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“What is nice about being a part of this course is that before I was focusing so much energy on what wasn’t working and what was going wrong. Now I find myself focusing attention on these new lifestyle additions and on things that make me feel good instead of only what was making me feel bad (stress, worry, etc). It is slowly adding balance back in to my life and helping me to be more positive. I was in a very negative slump when we started!”