Here are a few simple ways to get into energetic flow and alignment daily.

1. Start with abundance and gratitude. Wake up, mentally or physically note a few things you are truly grateful for this in this moment; cozy bed, taking a breath, your home. The key is to focus here on a few things that are real to you, that you really do appreciate. No B.S., please. That’s a great way to block your energy and create stagnation.

2. Move your body in ways that create flow. For a few minutes at some point in the am, move and breathe with intention. The first few times, you might feel silly! Don’t worry. Shake, roll, sway and get the body moving a little. Vata is the Ayurvedic quality of movement and we want to bring that into our physical bodies each morning so that our emotions can digest and we can start to create energetic pathways in the body, each day!

3. Pay attention to your money and move it around! Money is energy too! So, pay attention to it, move it around. Offer gratitude for being able to buy something or when something comes into your account. One of the biggest issues right now that people have with money is it’s so easy to push it out of our minds (credit cards, online accounts) and I’m encouraging you to wake up to a daily relationship that is healthy by pay attention and giving it some energetic thoughts of abundance. Think about all you do have, focusing on the flow of it rather than scarcity.

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