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What is lil omm?

Lil omm is my life’s work. It is a hybrid business blending online and live learning opportunities to enhance and empower you in your daily, modern life. I create offerings based on suggestions and questions from a variety of students who want to feel alive and energized! Students who want to feel the good and the bad and who want to move away from fear, perfectionism, and overwhelm and to move into grace, ease and spaciousness.

I love to work with all humans—small and seasoned, and I believe my wellness strategies, tips and teachings have the ability to profoundly change your life, whatever stage you are in.  My signature Thrive 8-week online course is the foundation for wellness and exploring purposeful, intentional living.

My whole life I just wanted to “find my people”- the seekers who ask big, deep, meaningful questions, the creators, and those who are passionate about life, service, and the community. While my path (and probably yours) had a ton of twists and turns, ups and downs, I always think it’s quite magical when we find our way to one another.


In this community you will see behind the scenes of my perfectly imperfectly human experience. I teach what I currently know and understand based on the latest research, my study of spiritual texts, and my gift of intuition. You can expect weekly loving support and encouragement as you dive into putting it all together through teachings, videos, and offerings from my heart.

Let’s play a game called Truth & A Lie. Have you played this before? I’m going to write out 3 truths and one lie. Your job is to guess the lie and e-mail me at to see if you’re correct! Here we go…

1. I’ve been with my husband since I was 19. I was smoking Parliament Lights and he was wearing cut off sweatshirts and very tight ankle jeans.
2. My birth name is Pleasance Chyna Lowengard Darling.
3. I suffered from depression in highschool. It was so severe that I had to take a leave of absence from boarding school.
4. I always wanted to be a writer when I grew up. I dreamed of writing books and becoming a famous author.

Don’t just e-mail me your guess! I would love to hear about you too! Share your story- the everyday miracles and the everyday heartache. Life is a mysterious magical set of experiences that I never want to take for granted. I have no clue how long we’ll be here on this earth together so I hope now that we’ve connected you will stay and play. Sign up for a class. Come on a retreat. Chat with me on a call.

The website is regularly updated with upcoming offerings. Like what you see? Sign up for the newsletter to receive tips, tools, and resources on how to live with a lil more omm in your home. See what a lil omm life looks like behind the scenes on Instagram and invite me into yours.

Want more? Read the inspiration behind what I do on a, view my videos, join the Omm @ Home Virtual Book Club for Inspired Women, or email me directly at  You’re invited to join the book discussion in our private Facebook group and post meaningful questions, thoughts, and inspirations aligned with the lil omm mission and titles surrounding wisdom, wealth, and wellness.

May you be safe. May you be healthy. May you live freely with joy and with ease.



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