I’m happy you are here. 

My whole life I have wanted to “find my people” – the seekers who ask big, deep, meaningful questions, the creators, and those who are passionate about life, service, and the community. While my path (and probably yours) has had a ton of twists and turns, ups and down, I always think it’s quite magical when we find our way to one another.

Why now?

Oh dear one, this world is crazy busy and full of distractions. Women are being pulled in a million directions and our mission is to help us ground, root and clarify what our core values, our personal mission, and our dreams for our lives really are. We do this through Plan to Thrive, a way of learning how to plan your life proactively instead of relatively through our classes, courses and videos. Here is a video with an important teaching to get you thinking about HOW you are living your life, right now!

So, if any of this sounds yummy to you, join us. We would love to have you. We are starting a movement of women who are saying YES to themselves and YES to care practices that heal, nurture, and help us feel alive and awake. We gather to support and nurture one another in all stages of our lives and we bravely face the challenges of life with grace, compassion and softness.

lil omm teaches stress reducing, healthy habits in order to cultivate joy and ease. . .

every. single. sacred. day.

* a lil omm goes a long way *

Our community is full of inspired, super smart women who gather to learn wisdom and wellness practices for our WHOLE life. 

Our signature course, Thrive, is a foundation for wellness and exploring purposeful, intentional living. We also offer live and local gatherings, sacred circles and Yoga for Women classes in Washington, DC. Sign up for the weekly Wake Up Wednesday newsletter to receive practices and inspirations on guilt-free self-care and healthy lifestyle ideas, such as dōTERRA. See what a lil omm life looks like behind the scenes on Instagram where we share daily musings, recipes and shenanigans of living a lil omm life. 

May you be safe. May you be healthy.

May you be happy.

May you live with joy and with ease.



My Big WHY for lil omm. . .
Women. Health. Heal to WHOLE. Energy.
 Inspired ACTION. Serve the World. Share with other WOMEN.
The lil omm framework and mission.

I hope you know how much I (and my loved ones) have benefited from what you do. I frequently sing your praises and tell them, “Pleasance is one of the best things that has happened to me in DC!” You have an amazing ability to cut through the BS and help me remember what is REALLY important in life. What an amazing gift.


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. . .a lil omm goes a long way.

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