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Hey, I know how crazy life can be. I have 2 kids and have had my own business for 9 years. I have faced times of stress and overwhelm.  Life is messy.  Let’s clean it up together.

Are you finding yourself exhausted or overwhelmed by your busy life at home or at work?

Maybe someone in your family is struggling with anxiety or health issues and you don’t know how to help them?

Are you taking care of sick or elderly parents AND raising your own family as well?

Perhaps you KNOW you want to live a healthier, simpler life but have NO idea where to start…

Or you have heard meditation and yoga can help with stress but haven’t been able to find time for classes or

understanding how it relates to your life, personally or professionally?

I know, I have been there.

What did I do?

I studied, I read, I practiced and I absorbed everything I could to change my patterns and behaviors based on what the most successful, healthy people do. I asked tough questions to get to the root of the problems. I changed my habits and routines and rituals and stuck to them.

Slowly, my life and my family began to grow together. I became lighter. I felt more joy and ease in every day.

I want the same for YOU.

Let’s work together!  I offer professional health and wellness coaching for individuals (and their families), and NEW for 2017: Mentoring for Business Owners and Private Yoga Training for teachers and studios!

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Want to live with less stress and more joy?

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How are You Doing, Really?

“I have been following Pleasance’s suggestions for living a fuller, healthier life for several months now. I can’t thank her enough. She was always available to support and guide me through the tougher times. Can’t suggest anyone better, qualified, or passionate person to turn to if you are desiring a more healthy, restructured, connected life.”


“Pleasance has helped me to create the space to build a yoga practice area in my home and life. Her intuitive nature and positive style has been empowering.”


Before my private sessions with Pleasance, I was feeling numb, a little bit lost, and depleted. I didn’t really know what I needed to feel better. Through guided and very caring self-reflection and short lessons on certain practices and theories, Pleasance helped me to feel like myself again. I’ve started a number of very simple but very effective practices that have improved my everyday life on multiple levels; mind, body and soul. Through my sessions with Pleasance, I’ve begun to be more mindful about my thoughts, my outlook on and reaction to events in my life, how to take more care of myself and my family, and how to be kinder to myself.


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