One (OF THE MANY) things I learned from Angela Lauria was to not be afraid of “boasting or showing off” in your biz, ESPECIALLY if you can ACTUALLY HELP PEOPLE with their issues. She taught me that it was SELFISH of me to NOT be working with them, making offers to them and to show up and SHARE what changed my thoughts, my health and my life. She always would say to me when I would get small and scared. . . “Can you help them? Is what you are doing right now helping them or is it serving you? The work you do is NOT about you. It’s about them.” Every time I start on a project or a task, I hear her in my head. . . Is this serving them? Is it going to help them? Do you FULLY believe and commit to what you teach?

And I can feel it in my bones that it’s all coming together.

Sold out Private Thrive Retreat. NEWLY launched Thrive Mentorship more than half way full. Sold out Mother Daughter Retreat. I’m running a private biz mentorship with INCREDIBLE ladies. Classes and lists growing, authentically and organically in a way that aligns with my life and my financial goals for this season. I’m surrounded by these wonderful women and the practices that we learn together and that I share are making an impact on their lives.

I did NOT make up any of these things I am teaching and sharing, I’m only passing them on as the WISDOM FOR A LIFETIME. My superpower is to curate teachings and tips that are RELEVANT and helpful to our lives, and be able to share them back in a way that is REAL and practical. . . and you get ENERGY AND HEALTH AND JOY AND EASE, every day.

I woke up this morning, READY to take on the next big challenge. I have no idea when it will be released or how long it will take, but I’m going into the darkest time of my life, and I’m going to write about it. The world DOES NOT need another book, I know, I know. But, at the same time, if my struggles and experiences can help someone else, I will do it. I stay up late reading other peoples stories of healing and heartbreak and I find them powerful and helpful and I hold them close to my heart. I know, that no one has ever told my story, in my words, in my way. Writing is healing and hard and wonderful and exhausting and I want to do it for the rest of my life.

So as I approach the year anniversary of Delight- I mapped the outline and the first few scenes and stories from “Mindfully Manic” what I’m calling the book about my history with depression and the healing and stories of release and surrender and pain and suffering that led to this moment.

I would not trade it all for ANYTHING. I own and honor my story and I know that if today were to be my last day, I have done EVERYTHING I was supposed to. And that starting this project is a commitment to helping others, in some way in the future. Again, I’m not doing this for the outcome, I’m doing it because I woke up and said “NOW I’m ready. I’m whole and healed and loved and as scary as this feels, I know it’s the right time.”

What’s your soul calling you to do? What projects do you want to start or relationships do you need to heal TODAY?

It’s no coincidence that this is the year anniversary week of losing Annie Lou Berman and sweet, sweet Eliana Ortiz.
I felt them all around me this week saying. . . “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?”

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